Kristen Malan Profile

Fuelled by a provocative passion for beauty and an uncanny eye for the exceptional, Kristen Malan lovingly designs fine jewellery beyond all comparison.

With a flair for the dramatic, the exceptional, the dazzling, Kristen creates bespoke jewellery imbued with both the character of her clients and her own unrivalled sense of style, sophistication and elegance.

Working on a strictly by-appointment basis, Kristen is more akin to a portrait painter than a designer. With a palette of precious metals, fine jewels, pearls, fossils and exquisite natural materials at her disposal, Kristen meticulously picks and arranges her jewellery design elements to achieve one-of-a-kind masterpieces; artfully conceived to exalt the forms of their intended wearers.

With a highly acclaimed career in advertising, as an art director, and an illustrious string of international jewellery design awards behind her name, Kristen’s aesthetic sensibilities can only be described as classically informed and courageously innovative.

Drawing inspiration from iconic eras of jewellery, Kristen’s designs bedazzle the eye and command attention wherever they are worn.

With insatiable sense for adventure, Kristen scours the globe to find the perfect ingredients for her creations. A self-confessed magpie, Kristen delights in applying her discerning eyes to gem markets from Jaipur to Hong Kong, from the Americas to the Orient, from Africa to Newport, Rhode Island.

Kristen, like the jewellery she designs, is unique. Her charisma and unerring desire for perfect beauty define her as the gem that she is.